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Case Studies - West Ham Hotel, London
The London hotel market is one of the most competitive in the world. A hotel booking engine needs to be flexible, efficient and offer some unique features to allow the hotel to make minute by minute changes.

West Ham Hotel, LondonThe West Ham Hotel is situated within the grounds of West Ham Football Club, minutes from London landmarks including Paddington Station and Hyde Park. The hotel web site had been a great source of booking enquiries, but with no facility to take real-time bookings, hotel management and staff had to spend many hours each week dealing with booking enquiries. Although some of these enquiries led to bookings, often, the customer had decide to book elsewhere, preferring the immediacy of hotels with online booking facilities.

The difficulty faced by West Ham Hotel is that the London area is very heavily populated with hotels. This creates a competitive marketplace with a need to vary rates not just weekly, but daily. iBooking were happy to look at how to adapt our already functional seasonal rates feature in order to allow West Ham Hotel to quickly and easily manage daily rate changes with just a few mouse clicks. Click to Enlarge 

Working closely with hotel management, we developed the Daily Rates module which presents an overview of 8 days at a time, and allows quick updating of rates for all room types on a single screen. In this way, the hotel can quickly assess the need to revise rates and then push these out to the customer. The result has been a dramatic decrease in time-consuming email enquiries as customers have taken to real-time online booking.

The hotel web site now acts as a 24/7 booking channel with bookings arriving globally on a daily basis.

To see BookingMate in use at West Ham Hotel visit http://www.westhamhotel.co.uk


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