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Does it give me extra business?

Working with BookingMate as your hotel booking engine is not the same as working with marketing 3rd. parties such as Superbreak, Active Hotels, and many others. With BookingMate you are taking control of your own most important marketing channel - the hotel web site. iBooking empowers you to manage your own marketing and to give your customers exactly what they want when they visit your web site - the ability to place a secure booking.

Current research indicates that websites without a real-time reservations facility lose 50% of potential online bookers. A hotel's own website can generate 5 times as many reservations as third party websites.

We think you will find that BookingMate will deliver more satisfied customers, reduce your admin time, and allow you to accept secure and confirmed bookings round the clock, all year. Additionally, BookingMate can allow you to publish instant promotions for the occasions when you need to quickly fill rooms during quiet periods. Every booking is stored in the system for reference. iBooking even includes inbuilt email marketing allowing you to send promotions to past customers at any time. The "Booking Extras" feature also encourages higher transaction values as customers are asked if they wish to add "extras" at the time of booking. Extras can be as varied as your imagination. Flowers, champagne, sightseeing trips can all be sold quickly and easily and secured by a credit card number.