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How to automate the payment process for online booking
One of the most common questions are asked is how the payment process works with BookingMate. The answer to this questions is actually quite simple and can be answered by referring to the two main options available to the hotelier.

Option 1 - Use iBooking SSL to securely accept the customer credit card details

SSLThe majority of BookingMate customers use this approach. i.e. they understand that the first choice for the guest is to book directly with the hotel, securing their booking with the credit card, leaving the flexibility to alter the booking and to pay on check-in or check-out. iBooking makes this simple. We use industry standard SSL certification to protect the customer credit card details when in transit across the internet. We never send card details using email or fax, instead allowing you to access this sensitive information only using your unique login and password to your iBooking Back Office. This allows you to access credit card details should you need to make a charge for a no-show.

Option 2 - Use a real-time Payment Gateway to automatically process payments

If you want to take an up-front payment from your customer. i.e. paid in full at the time of booking, then the solution is to use a payment gateway. This is simply a 3rd party company that verifies the customer card details, checks for authority to bill a credit card, or in the case of PayPal, a PayPal account, and then automatically deposits cleared funds in your account. These 3rd party companies charge a commission for providing this service so be aware that this cost needs to be factored into the overall booking transaction. iBooking can help link your payment account to your booking engine.
How a Payment Gateway Works
An illustration of BookingMate and PayPal payment processing

Which Payment Gateways do you Support?
Once you have decided that real time online payments is right for your business you next to select the payment company that you would prefer to work with. This will be partly determined by your location, as not all payment companies support all countries. The companies we have support for within BookingMate include;

PayPal - We have developed integration with a number of PayPal solutions including PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Payments Standard and PayPal Payments Pro. Commission is between 1.9% and 2.9% depending on volume.

Protx - Protx are a UK company offering a number of payment gateway products. Commission is charged on a per transaction basis so this can be a cost-effective solution for low volume business.

Secure Trading - our preferred UK partner due to their high level of support and speed of response.