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Simply the best booking engine for the Hotel web site

That's our aim and we work very hard to achieve it. We never stand still and constantly develop our product based on customer feedback. In the last few months dozens of new features have been added. All provided free of charge, automatically - to all customer accounts. Here's a selection of recent features.

1. Real time payment processing with PayPal
Now you can take payment in full at the time your customer makes their booking. Using PayPal Express Checkout and PayPal Payments Pro, the booking experience is as seamless as ever for your customer, but your payments are instantly authorised and can be easily transferred straight into your bank account. Just contact us if you'd like to learn more.

2. New Allocations Calendar - Easy Adjustments to Availability

We've redeveloped the way you manage available rooms of each type. Now you can display a visual calendar and simply click on a date to adjust the number of rooms available for each period. We still have the old allocations table with a shiny new look to let you decide which view you wish to use.

3. Bookings Calendar

It's easier than ever to access your bookings. The new Bookings calendar shows every date with a confirmed bookings. Just move the mouse over the calendar and check gust names, room types etc. If you need to know more, just click and you can access the complete booking record.

4. Why did my customer cancel?

When a customer makes a booking, modifies a booking, or cancels a booking you receive an instant alert. Sometimes, it would be very helpful to find out why the customer cancelled. Did they find your hotel cheaper somewhere else?. Now you don't need to wonder. We've added a cancellation reason within the cancellation screens so you'll find out right away why the customer cancelled.